2nd New Moon Watch 2018

16 February 2018

Shalom Aleichem,

The second new moon is expected to be visible April 16 in parts of North and South America. April 17 the new moon looks like it will be visible in all locations including Israel.

Share your new moon sighting.

April 16 April 17

2nd Moon in Mikra

  • Genesis 7:11, 8:14
  • Exodus 16:1
  • Numbers 1:1, 18, 9:1, 11, 10:11
  • 1 Kings 6:1, 37 (mentioned as Ziv)
  • 1 Chronicles 27:4
  • 2 Chronicles 3:2, 30:2, 13, 15
  • Ezra 3:8

YHWH bless,

J. Meyer

Aviv New Moon Sighted 2018

19 March 2018

Shalom Aleichem,

The Aviv new moon was sighted in Israel and many other locations. Have a blessed Aviv, Pesach, and Chag Matzot.

Additional new moon reports will be added as they are available. Share your new moon sighting.

Location Date of Sighting
Israel 18 March
United States 18 March
Dominica 18 March
Canada 18 March
Australia 19 March

YHWH bless,

J. Meyer

18 March

Ezuz, Israel

Cloudy except near horizon where we saw it around 6:40 pm before it set. TH (2 observers)


The barley in Israel has been declared “Aviv” and the renewed moon has been seen by two witnesses!

Therefore, the start of the 1st biblical month (The Month of the Aviv, or “Nisan”)will begin at sunset today, Sunday, March 18.

Click here to view and download this month’s calendar page FREE!

Special thanks to Devorah Gordon and her team for their efforts to search for the barley and spot the new moon in Israel.

Rosh Chodesh Sameach! (Happy New Month)

Michael Rood

Point Judith, Rhode Island, United States

Clear sky. JA (3 observers)

Roseau, Dominica

New moon of Abib greetings from Dominica to all.
It was not a difficulty at all for Bro. Mathias Francis and I to had spotted the new moon of Abib at 18:26 this Sunday evening 18th March 2018 as the area where both it and Venus was located were extremely clear. Also calling in their confirmation was Bro. Craig Massicot family of two that they sighted it at 18:32. It’s a new moon that not only the four of us have seen but will learn later the amount that has seen it https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1624507767585468.1073741967.100000787822166&type=1&l=e6fc04398e

A joyous new moon of Abib evening worship service to all in acknowledgment of the start of the biblical first month of the year from this evening sunset.

Shalom and Yahweh bless,

Augustus Paul Andrew

Westminster, Maryland, United States

Here in Westminster, MD, We had clear skies and the moon became visible at 7:28 pm edst. It was a slim sliver and shared the sky with the planet Venus, which is visible in the upper right of the photo. JG (2 observers)

Oklahoma and Texas, United States

Very thin crescent sighted amidst a bit of haze at 7:56 pm in Lawton, OK by 4 observers. From Winona, TX it was seen by 2 observers through heavy clouds at 7:53 pm. WI (6 observers)

Caledonia, Ontario, Canada

May this be a blessed new year upon Yahweh’s children. Enjoy the appointed times, and count your joy! DS (Family plus one)

West-central, New Mexico, United States

A high, bright new moon crescent was sighted, “horns”-up at 7:38 PM MDT (20 minutes after local sunset) by 2 people in west-central New Mexico. It was up around 12 degrees at the time of the sighting. DM (2 observers)

Frederick, Maryland, United States

New Moon visible with the naked eye while driving north on Hwy 15 near Frederick MD. MB (1 observer)

19 March

Eastern Australia

New moon sighted by my wife and daughter. JM (2 observers)

Aviv New Moon Watch 2018

17 March 2018

Shalom Aleichem,

The Aviv new moon is expected to be seen in most locations on 18 March and 19 March here in Australia.

Please share your new moon sighting.

18 March 19 March

Aviv (1st) Month in Mikra

  • Exodus 12:2, 18; 13:4; 23:15; 34:18; 40:2, 17
  • Leviticus 23:5
  • Numbers 9:1, 5; 20:1; 28:16; 33:3
  • Deuteronomy 16:1
  • Joshua 4:19
  • 1 Chronicles 12:15; 27:2-3; 29:3, 17; 35:1
  • Ezra 6:19, 7:9, 8:31, 10:17
  • Ester 3:7, 12; 29:17; 30:20; 45:18, 21
  • Daniel 10:4

YHWH bless,

J. Meyer

12th New Moon Sighted 2018

18 February 2018

Shalom Aleichem,

The twelfth new moon was visible in the US and Dominica on 16 February and globally on 17 February. Here in Eastern Australia the new moon was visible on 17 February. The new moon was not visible in the photographs because of the clouds but was visible by three observers.

Sunset in Eastern Australia
Location Date Sighted
Dominica 16 February
San Diego, California, United States 16 February
Lawton, Oklahoma, United States 17 February
Israel 17 February
Eastern Australia 17 February

YHWH bless,

J. Adam Meyer

16 February

San Diego, California, United States

New Moon WAS sighted tonight 2/16/2018 6:19 PM Pacific Time by 2 Witnesses with the naked eye in San Diego California!!!! Rosh Chodesh Sameach!!! This is the 12th Biblical New Moon!

Roseau, Dominica

New moon evening greetings to all on this Friday night weekly holy seventh day Sabbath evening 16th February 2018.

It was 18:34 when first, I caught sight of Venus low down on the horizon.
The new moon this evening was astronomically expected to be above and a little bit south of Venus which was a guide for me to know where exactly to cast my eye in search of the new moon.
It was 18:43 when I caught sight of what look to had been the biblical twelfth new moon I was seeing sitting flat on its back but quite dim due to haze below thin clouds, https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1591676960868549.1073741965.100000787822166&type=1&l=94b419b903.
I kept observing it until 18:50 when I could no longer see it. Venus also was no longer visible.
I left off from my observation at 19:10, exactly an hour after sunset.

Augustus Paul Andrew

17 February

Lawton, Oklahoma, United States

Large crescent seen from Lawton, OK at 7:25pm, not too long after havdallah, on 2/17/2018. The crescent size indicated that it probably would be been visible on 2/16/2018 if not for clouds. WI (3 observers)

Cisco, Texas, United States

I looked but we had pretty solid cloud cover. NOT SEEN BY ME Friday, 2/16/18. RY (not observed)

San Diego, California, United States

New Moon WAS sighted tonight 2/16/2018 6:19 PM Pacific Time by 2 Witnesses with the naked eye in San Diego California!!!! Rosh Chodesh Sameach!!! This is the 12th Biblical New Moon! (2 observers)

12th New Moon Watch 2018

13 February 2018

Shalom Aleichem,

The twelfth new moon is expected to be visible on 16 February in the United States and 17 February in most other locations. Share your new moon sighting.

16 February 17 February

12th New Moon in Mikra

  • 2 Kings 25:27
  • 1 Chronicles 27:15
  • Esther 3:7, 13; 8:12, 9:1
  • Jeremiah 52:31
  • Ezekiel 32:1

YHWH bless,

J. Adam Meyer

11th New Moon Sighted 2018

20 January 2018

Shabbat Shalom,

The eleventh new moon was visible in most locations on 18 January and here in Australia on 19 January.

Have a blessed month.

Location Date Visible
United States 18 January
Israel 18 January
Dominica 18 January
Australia 19 January

YHWH bless,

J. Meyer

18 January


New Moon Crescent sighted at 17:30 hours, clear sky, excellent visual. RC

Roseau, Dominica

Greetings to all on this Thursday evening 18th January 2018 when I naked-eye-sighted the biblical eleventh new moon Sebat (Zechariah 1:7) from Roseau, Dominica at 18:05. Also sighting it together with me is Mr. Emile George of the west coast community of Colihaut.

Happy new moon day to all,

Augustus Paul Andrew

Snowflake, Arizona

The new crescent moon (a very thin sliver) was first spotted in the western skies above the dimming glow of the sunset, with the naked eye, at approximately 5:58 PM Mountain Standard Time. The crescent set at about 7:05 PM. View of the moon was obscured about half of this time, due to the presence of heavy artificial clouds in the low western skies. KR

West-central, New Mexico

Another easy sighting tonight, 18 January 2018. The sky was very clear. The sighting was just 12 minutes after local sunset here in west-central New Mexico. DM (2 observers)


As a result, the 11th biblical month, the month of Shevat, will begin at sunset Thursday, January 18.

Rosh Chodesh Sameach! (Happy New Month)

19 January

Melbourne, Australia

Reported by RJ (2 observers)

11th New Moon Watch 2018

14 January 2018

Shalom Aleichem,

The eleventh new moon is expected to be visible 18 January in most locations. Share your new moon sighting.

17 January 18 January

11th New Moon in Mikra

  • Deuteronomy 1:3
  • 1 Chronicles 27:14
  • Zechariah 1:7

YHWH Bless,

J. Meyer

10th New Moon Sighted 2017

20 December 2017

Shalom Aleichem,

The tenth new moon was reported visible in the US on 19 December by three married couples. Like doves, they sighted the new moon together. In Melbourne Australia, two brothers saw the new moon on 20 December.

Location Visible New Moon Date
United States of America Yes 19 December
Australia Yes 20 December
Israel Unconfirmed 19 Decemeber

Share your new moon report.

YHWH bless,

J. Meyer

19 December

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Partly cloudy sky. Observed the new moon crescent first at about 5:10 PM – CST. Shalom from Green Bay Sabbath Fellowship. J&MI (2 observers)

Snowflake, Arizona

The 10th new moon was clearly visible to the naked eye in the waning glow of the sunset, today on December 19, 2017. The very thin crescent was first noticed at 5:38 PM MST and the moon set on the western horizon at approximately 6:30 PM MST. KR (2 observers)

West-central, New Mexico

The new moon was seen in a very clear sky in west-central New Mexico around 40 Minutes after local sunset. Quite bright and easy to see. DM (2 observers)

Central Pennsylvania

New moon crescent was sighted in central Pennsylvania at 1715 hours on December 19, 2017. RC (1 observer)

20 December

Melbourne, Australia

Cloudy, moon was visible around 09:30. MJ&RJ (2 observers)

10th New Moon Watch 2017

15 December 2017

Shalom Aleichem,

The tenth new moon is estimated to be visible in most locations on 19 December at sunset. Here in eastern Australia, the likelihood of seeing the new moon on 19 December is really low due to the expected brightness of the new moon at sunset.

Share your new moon sighting.

19 Dec. 20 Dec.

10th New Moon in Mikra

  • Genesis 8:5
  • 2 Kings 25:1
  • 1 Chronicles 27:13
  • Ezra 10:16
  • Esther 2:16
  • Jeremiah 39:1 and 52:4
  • Ezekiel 24:1, 29:1, and 33:21

YHWH bless,

J. Meyer