8th New Moon Reports 2023

16 October 2023

Shalom Aleichem,

Prayers and blessings to our brothers and sisters in Israel for the protection of יהוה. Following the horrific attacks by Hamas on Israel, the Karaites of America have set up an emergency fund that directly supports our family in Israel. I would recommend watching the following to help better explain this fund and its objectives:

The eighth new moon has been seen in Australia, Israel, and the United States.

Share your new moon report.

Date Location Observer(s)
Oct 15 No confirmed sightings on 15 October. 0
Oct 15 West-central New Mexico United States 0
Oct 16 Melbourne Victoria Australia 6
Oct 16 Tiberias Israel 1
Oct 16 The Arava Israel 1
Oct 16 Beer Sheva Israel 1
Oct 16 Merritt Island Florida United States 1
Oct 16 Rocheport Missouri United States 11

May יהוה be with you,

Ya’aqov Meyer

16 October

Melbourne Victoria Australia

Cloudy weather but easy to spot. RJ (5 observers)


🌙 New Moon Report – 16 October 2023

Devorah’s Date Tree

Merritt Island Florida United States

Very thin crescent at about 7 p.m., almost directly West at about 270 degrees. YM (1 observer)

Rocheport Missouri United States

Beautiful and easily seen at approx 7:00 CDT. AKB (11 observers)

15 October

West-central New Mexico United States

No sighting. DM