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The eleventh new moon is expected to be visible on 18 January. info

The twelfth new moon is expected to be visible 16 or 17 February depending on your location. More information will be posted as the new moon approaches.

Share your new moon sighting.

YHWH bless,

J. Meyer


Moedim are the appointed times when we stand before YHWH in worship. The Shabbat is a moed that occurs every seven days: sunset Friday through sunset Saturday. Moedim start the sunset before the listed date. Vayiqra (Lev.) 23 presents the moedim. (Dates listed are for the US, other countries watch for local new moon sightings.)

Feast of Dedication

Chanukah – 9th Month 25 day – December 14 – 21

Feast of Esther

Purim Katan – Adar 14 – March 2 or 3 (Walled City)


March 19

Passover Sacrificed

Pesach – Aviv 14 – April 1

Wave Sheaf Offering

Yom Omer – Aviv 16 – April 3

Feast of Unleavened Bread

Chag Matzah – Aviv 15-21 – April 2 – 8

Feast of Weeks

Chag Shavuot – Yom Omer 50 – May 22

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