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Shalom Aleichem,

The tenth new moon will likely be visible on 24 December in most locations. More information will be posted as the date approaches.

The ninth new moon was visible on 25 November in Australia, the United States, and Israel. info

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May יהוה be with you,

Ya’aqov Meyer

Latest New Moons

The eighth new moon was observed on 26 October in the United States and by default is 27 October in Israel. info

The seventh new moon, also called Ethanim and Tishrei, was visible in Hawaii and Texas United States on 26 September. Multiple sightings in Israel on 27 September at sunset. info

The sixth new moon was visible on 28 August in the United States and Jerusalem Israel. info

The fifth new moon was visible on 29 July in Mexico and the United States and on 30 July in Australia. info

The fourth new moon was visible on 30 June in Israel. info

The third new moon was visible on 31 May in Israel, Turkey, and United States. info 5 June is the observance of Shavuot.

The second new moon was visible on 2 May in Israel and 1 May in the United States. info

Aviv new moon was sighted in the United States on 2 April. No sightings in Israel or Australia, making by default 3 April the new moon for those that follow sightings based on Israel. info