Aviv New Moon Sighted 2020

26 March 2020

Shalom Aleichem,

I pray that this finds you and your family doing well. The Corona Virus has stirred a lot of challenges and continues to take its toll. In the spirit of Pesach, I pray it skips like a lamb over your home.

Blow the shofar. The new moon was visible in Jerusalem, Israel on 25 March at sunset making the 26 March the first day of Aviv. The count to Pesach starts. May YHWH provide you a blessed Pesach.

Here in Australia on 25 March at sunset, the sky was too cloudy to see the new moon but should have easily been visible in the north and west.

Date (new moon first visible) Location Observer(s)
March 25 Beer Sheva and Jerusalem, Israel 4
March 25 Batin Rogue, Louisiana, United States 1
March 25 West-central, New Mexico, United States 2
March 25 Cleveland, Tennessee, United States 5
March 25 Snowflake, Arizona, United States 2
March 26 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 4

Miqra Readings for New Moon: Bəmiḏbar (Numbers) 28:1-15

Aviv sightings were positive, please refer to the previous post: Aviv New Moon Watch 2020 and Aviv Report.

May YHWH be with you,

Ya’aqov Adam Meyer

25 March 2020

Jerusalem, Israel

Dear Friends,

The new moon was sighted from Israel this evening, Wednesday, 25 March 2020!

  • From Jerusalem by Karen Andrews at 6:32 pm, followed by David McKnew, Gil Ashendorf, and Devorah Gordon.
  • From Beer Sheva by Yochanan Zaqantov at 6:28 pm

This means sunset on March 25, 2020, marks the beginning of the new month. Fortunately, with the grace of Yehovah, your contributions, and the dedication of our team, we were able to go out and reinspect the fields again. I am still working on preparing the Aviv Report and hope to have it ready for you tomorrow. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The photo at the top of this report was taken from our observation point in Jerusalem this evening. On behalf of all of us who rely on these observations, we wish to thank everyone in Israel who looked for the new moon this evening and sent in their observations in a timely manner. We are also extremely grateful to everyone who is supporting our efforts from afar, your support helps us be able to collect the observations and share these reports around the world.

If reliable first-hand New Moon and Aviv Reports from Israel are of value to you, please support our efforts. We could really use your support in restoring the Biblical Calendar.

Chodesh Tov! Make it a great month!

Devorah Gordon

Batin Rogue, Louisiana, United States

The New Moon was sighted at 7:38 pm. The crescent was very thin, on the lower right side of the moon between 4 o’clock and 7 o’clock if looking at a clock. DJ (1 observer)

West-central, New Mexico, United States

The new moon was sighted easily in west-central New Mexico
this evening, 25 March 2020 by 2 people at 7:57 PM MDT, about
a half-hour after local sunset. It was bright and high (10 deg up),
and sighted between cloud banks to the west. DM (2 observers)

Cleveland, Tennessee, United States

At 08:10 pm EST, 5 of us sighted the Rosh Chodesh on the hilltop parking lot in Cleveland, TN. Mostly clear skies. Ready to start counting for our moedim. Chag Sameach! MJ (5 observers)

Snowflake, Arizona, United States

The 2 attached photos show Venus and the New Moon below, at approximately 7:20 PM. KR (2 observers)

26 March 2020

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Seen by 4. Very clear skies. RJ (4 observers)