Aviv New Moon Reports 2022

3 April 2022

Shalom Aleichem,

The new moon was not visible in Israel based on reports for 2 April due to weather, by default 3 April becomes the start of Aviv. An example of this in the Miqra would be Noach in the ark counted each month to be 30 days until he could come out of the ark. The lunar cycle is 29.530575 days (708.73 hours) long based on current measurements.

Starting at nautical sunset the night before:

United States Sightings
(2 April)
Israel by Default
(3 April)
  • Pesach and Chag Matzoh – 17 – 23 April
  • Chag Shavuot – 5 June
  • Pesach and Chag Matzoh – 18 – 24 April
  • Chag Shavuot – 12 June

New moon sightings reported:

Date Location Observer(s)
2 April 2022 Snowflake Arizona United States 1
2 April 2022 West-central New Mexico United States 2
2 April 2022 Gainesboro Tennessee United States 9
2 April 2022 Israel None
2 April 2022 Melbourne Victoria Australia None
2 April 2022 Canberra ACT Australia None
3 April 2022 Canberra ACT Australia 2
More reports will be added as available

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May יהוה be with you,

Ya’aqov Meyer

2 April 2022

Snowflake Arizona United States

Today, Saturday, April 2, 2022, the new moon was first spotted at 7:00 pm (same as Pacific Time in AZ). The attached cell phone photo was taken at 7:20 pm. KR (2 observers)

West-central New Mexico United States

It was an easy sighting here in west-central New Mexico this month, 4 minutes ahead of astronomical sunset! The almost upright crescent moon was very high and bright.

Of additional interest is that I was also able to see it last night, but ONLY using binoculars. (Not an official sighting, of course). Last night’s binocular sighting was of a very dim, 0.6% illuminated moon, around 3 degrees above the horizon, 25 minutes after astronomical sunset. That makes it an interesting point of reference for the future–yesterday (Friday night April 1st) was an almost sighting!

DM (2 observers)

Gainesboro Tennessee United States

See picture. RV (8 observers)


🌙 New Moon Report – 2-April-2022

Devorah’s Date Tree

Note that for Australia conditions had to be perfect. YM

Melbourne Victoria Australia

No sighting. RJ

Canberra ACT Australia

No sighting, heavy cloud cover. YM

3 April 2022

Canberra ACT Australia

Observed about 10 minutes after sunset. YM (2 observers)