9th New Moon Sighted 2019

29 November 2019

Shalom Aleichem,

The ninth new moon was visible on 28 November in all locations. Thank you for sharing your new moon reports.

Location Date Observer(s)
Israel 28 November 2019 (By Default)
Sydney, NSW, Australia 28 November 2019 1
Singapore 28 November 2019 0

May YHWH be with you,

Ya’aqov Adam Meyer

27 November


I am writing to update you with the following new moon reports which have just come in from this evening’s observation (27 November 2019):

  • Gadi Eidelheit saw the new moon through his camera and later with his naked eye at 5:06 pm.
  • Magdi Shmuel saw the new moon from Ashdod through his binoculars and explained to me that as a result, he was able to make out the new moon with his naked eye.
  • Roy Hoffman saw the new moon from Jerusalem through his binoculars at 4:47 pm but was unable to see the moon with his naked eye.

It should be noted that it was an extremely difficult observation this evening and that these three individuals are very experienced observers, which allowed them to point their visual aids exactly where they knew the new moon should be. Once they found the new moon in their visual aids, two of the three reported being able to make out the new moon with their naked eye.

For what it’s worth, I personally do not accept observations which are first made with visual aids, because once a person has spotted the new moon with a visual aid, I feel the mind can play tricks on a person and make them think they see something which they don’t clearly see, or may not have seen without the visual aid. In fact, I asked one of the observers this evening, whether he thinks he would have been able to spot the new moon were it not for his visual aid and he told me he didn’t think he would have been able to spot the new moon without the visual aid.

Whether you decide to begin the new month this evening or tomorrow evening, please be sure to keep track of what number month this is, based on when you started the new year.

On behalf of all of us who rely on these observations, we wish to thank everyone in Israel who looked for the new moon this evening and sent in their observations in a timely manner. We are also extremely grateful to everyone who is supporting our efforts from afar, your support helps us be able to collect the observations and share these reports quickly and efficiently.

If reliable first-hand New Moon and Aviv Reports from Israel are of value to you, please consider supporting our efforts. We could really use your support in restoring the Biblical Calendar.

Chodesh Tov! Make it a great month!

Devorah Gordon

28 November

Sydney, NSW, Australia

I tried to take a photo but the cloud cover was very thick. RJ (1 Observer)


I looked for a few minutes after sunset but due to cloud cover and rain, the new moon was not visible. JM