7th New Moon Reports 2021

8 September 2021

Yom Teru’ah Semeach,

The seventh new moon was visible from Israel, Australia and Germany on 8 September and a few locations in the United States on 7 September. Likely to be visible in Jerusalem in a few hours. Reports will be added as they are available. Have a blessed Yom Teru’ah.

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Date (approx. sunset) Location Observer(s)
8 Sept. Canberra ACT Australia 2
8 Sept. Melbourne Victoria Australia 5
8 Sept. Jerusalem Israel 2
8 Sept. Tiberias Israel 3
8 Sept. Nahariya Israel 1
8 Sept. Bieselsberg / Schömberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany 1
7 Sept. Cisco Texas United States 3

A little reading on Yom Teru’ah vs. Rosh Hashanah – https://www.thetorah.com/article/a-shofar-less-rosh-hashanah-a-karaites-experience-of-yom-teruah.

Yom Teruah music and poem:

The poem starts:

This is the first day towards repentance,
To give up evil and misdeed.
Bring [me] back, O my Eli, and I will return to You!
This day is holy to our Elohenu.

Credit: The Karaite Jews of America

May יהוה be with you,

Ya’aqov Adam Meyer

7 September

Cisco Texas United States

Update, the new moon was sighted by RY’s son, his wife and one other. RY (3 observers)

Truth of YHWH Website

Multiple sightings in the US – https://www.truthofyahweh.org/moon.htm.

8 September

Canberra ACT Australia

About 5:50 PM, my wife and I saw the new moon. It was about 15 degrees (estimation) above the horizon in a somewhat cool early spring day on this side of the globe. YM (2 observers)

Melbourne Victoria Australia

Seen by 5 around 6:20 pm. RJ (5 observers)


Devorah’s Date Tree – 🌙 New Moon Report – 8 September 2021

Bieselsberg / Schömberg Baden-Württemberg Germany

The new moon was easily observed on September 8, 8:34 pm local time. On the day before, I could not see the new moon, nor on the morning of September 8. SM (1 observer)