6th New Moon Sighted 2019

31 August 2019

Shalom Aleichem,

The sixth new moon was seen in many locations around the globe, Australia to the United States. My wife and I were in Daly City for conversion and saw the new moon with a couple dozen observers. Praise YHWH for allowing us to convert to Judiaism with such a beutiful people.

Date Location Obeserver(s)
31 August

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

31 August


31 August Westminster, Maryland, United States two
31 August

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States

31 August Lawton, Oklahoma, United States four
31 August Daly City, California, United States approximentally twenty four

May YHWH bless you,

Ya’aqov Meyer

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Very thick the clouds but still we could see the very thin crescent. RJ (5 observers)

Israel – Devorah’s Date Tree

The new moon was sighted from Israel this evening, Saturday, 31 August 2019!
* From Jerusalem at 7:16pm by Devorah Gordon, followed by Gil Ashendorf.
* From Ma’ale Adumim at 7:12 by Roy Hoffman, followed by his daughter Rina.
* From Beer Sheva at 7:22 by Yochanan Zaqantov and Meir Rekhavi.
* From Tiberias at 7:23pm by Dennis Chkolnik and Maureen Chkolnik.
* From Eilat at 7:25pm by Lucas Schneide together with his children Alon, Lior and Sumadhi, and Anabelle Santos.
* From Arad at 7:26pm by Judith Rood.

Westminster, Maryland, United States

The very thin sliver of the moon was easily visible through a break in the clouds at 7:50 est. This was a treat for us since the weather this year has been against us on the new moon nights. JG (2 obeservers)

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States

New Moon sighted at 7:39pm in Baton Rouge, La. by one person. Sky clear. DF (1 observer)

Lawton, Oklahoma, United States

Crisp crescent moon sighted initially at 8:14pm central time in Lawton, OK. Shofars sounded! WI (4 observers)