5th New Moon Sighted 2019

2 August 2019

Shalom Aleichem,

Sighting in California on 1 August, and Australia and Israel on 2 August.

Share your new moon sighting.

Location Date Observer(s)
Santa Clarita, California, United States of America 1 August 2 observers
Eastern Australia 2 August 2 observers
Israel 2 August 5 observers

Fasts of the 5th month include 9th and 12th of August fast, Babylonians destroy the Temple.

YHWH bless,

J. Adam Meyer

1 August 2019

Santa Clarita, California, United States of America

Faint, near horizon TH (2 observers)

2 August 2019

Eastern Australia

Visible by two. JAM (2 observers)


The new moon was sighted from Israel this evening, Friday, 2 August 2019!

* From Jerusalem at 7:39pm by Devorah Gordon.
* From Eilat at 7:45pm by Lukas Michael Schneider and his son Lior.
* From Tekoa at 7:47pm by Bruce Brill.
* From the Zevulon Valley at 7:37pm by Yoel Halevi.

On behalf of all of us who rely on these observations, we wish to thank everyone in Israel who looked for the new moon this evening and sent in their observations in a timely manner.

Chodesh Tov! Make it a great month!

Devorah Gordon