12th New Moon Reported 2021

13 February 2021

Shalom Aleichem,

“בָּרוּךְ יְהוָה לְעוֹלָם:    אָמֵן וְאָמֵן.” Tehillim 89:53

The 12th new moon was visible in the United States on 12 February and in Australia on 13 February at sunset. More new moon reports will be added as they are reported. Share your new moon report.

Date (Sunset) Location Observer(s)
12 February Snowflake Arizona United States 1
12 February Jerusalem Israel 0 (not seen)
13 February Canberra ACT Australia 0 (not seen)
13 February Melbourne Victoria Australia 1
13 February Jerusalem Israel 2
13 February Tiberias Israel 1
13 February Lawton Oklahoma United States 4

Aviv Report

An Aviv report can be found below from Devorah Gordon. As shared in the previous report, I see additional guidelines based on haskama הסכמה” help ensure the Aviv new moon is within the right time. It is up to each of us to search the scriptures and make these types of decisions. “Study Scripture carefully and do not accept blindly the opinions of others.”

May יהוה be with you,

Ya’aqov Adam Meyer

12 February

Snowflake, Arizona, United States

First spotted very thin sliver at 6:29 PM (Mountain Standard Time). Moon was fully set at approximately 6:55. Out of 8 photos taken on the cell phone, only 2 had sufficient resolution to show the moon. This moon shot was taken at 6:51. KR

Aviv report – Jerusalem Israel

Link to an external site.

13 February

Melbourne Victoria Australia

Very cloudy, spotted between the clouds at 9 PM. RJ (3 observers)

Lawton Oklahoma United States

Thin, clear crescent first sighted at 6:16 pm in Lawton, OK. It was in and out of clouds for a few minutes, then became quite clear and crisp as the sky darkened. WI (4 observers)

Jerusalem and Tiberias Israel

External report from Devorah’s Date Tree.

Snow update on 18 Feb. from Devorah’s Date Tree.

Canberra ACT Australia

Not visible due to thick cloud cover and drizzle. YM