Aviv New Moon and Barley 2019

6 April 2019

Shalom Aleichem,

The new moon was reported by one faithful observer in Israel. Appeared that there was significant cloud cover in some areas of Israel. Additionally, barley in the Aviv and riper stages have been observed in Israel.

Here in Australia the new moon wasn’t sighted even though it was marginally probable with perfect conditions. The sky was clear but their was a heavy haze in the bottom 10% of the sky along the horizon.

Israel6 Aprilone
Shelly beach, KZN, South Africa6 Aprilfour
Westminster, Maryland, United States6 Apriltwo
Lawton, Oklahoma, United States6 Aprilsix
Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, United States6 Aprileight to twelve
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia7 Aprilfive
Canberra, ACT, Australia7 Apriltwo

YHWH bless,

J. Adam Meyer

6 April

Shelly Beach, KZN, South Africa

Sliver sighted 18h35 very clear just above the horizon, clouds above the sliver. FC (4 observers)

Westminster, Maryland, United States

Westminster, Maryland, United States

There was considerable cloudiness in the West after sundown, but at about 8:00 EDT the clouds moved to where the moon was visible and at about 8:15 it was unobscured and beautiful. There is a bit of earthshine on the darkened part of the moon visible in the picture. JMG (2 observers)

Lawton, Oklahoma, United States

The extremely thin crescent was sighted at 7:58 pm between the clouds. As the clouds moved away, the crescent became strikingly clear and beautiful. Shofars sounded in Lawton, OK! JI (6 observers)

Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, United States

About 10 or 12 at Yahweh’s free Brethren, Bethel Pa about 8pm after Shabbath, 6th april. Very easy to see. WS (10 – 12 observers)

Eastern Australia

Sunset – Looked very clear.
Sunset + 30 – New Moon not visible

No sighting in eastern Australia. JAM

7 April

Canberra, ACT, Australia

New moon easily sighted about 5 minutes before sunset. JAM (2 observers)

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Cloudy, but easily visible. RJ (5 observers)