9th New Moon Sighted 2018

9 November 2018

Shabbat Shalom,

The ninth new moon was visible 9 November in Australia. The new moon is likely to be visible in other locations.

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Sunset 9 November
New Moon 9 November
New Moon 9 November
New Moon 9 November

YHWH bless,

J. Adam Meyer

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

New moon seen for few seconds despite heavy clouds. RJ (2 observers)

Lawton, Oklahoma, United States

There was no sighting on 11/8/2018, perhaps due to very thick clouds. On 11/9/2018, clouds began to move out of the western sky, but there were still clouds near the horizon. The crescent moon was sighted beginning at 6:07pm through a layer clouds. WI (3 observers)