7th New Moon Reports 2022

27 September 2022

Chag Sameach,

Happy Yom Teruah! A couple of new moon reports from a brother for Texas and Hawaii were received on 26 September. It was not possible to see the new moon in Israel on 26 September. There were multiple new moon sightings in Israel on 27 September to mark the start of Yom Teruah.

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Date Location Observer(s)
26 September Texas United States 6
26 September Hawaii United States 2
26 September Lawton Oklahoma United States None
26 September Israel None
27 September Canberra ACT Australia None
27 September Melbourne Victoria Australia 3
27 September Haifa Israel 2
27 September Jerusalem Israel 11
27 September Tiberias Israel 2
27 September Maale Adummim Israel 3

The calendar for the 7th month can be found at the bottom of the 7th New Moon Watch 2022 page.

May יהוה be with you,

Ya’aqov Meyer

26 September


Not visible on the 29th day of the sixth month. Count since the last new moon makes the new moon the 27th of September at sunset.

🌙 New Moon Report – 26 September 2022

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Lawton Oklahoma United States

No sighting from Lawton, OK on 9/26. There was lots of haze and dust on the western horizon. WI (No observers)

Hawaii and Texas United States

Two witnesses have sighted the moon in Hawaii and six in Texas. RL (8 observers)

27 September

Canberra ACT Australia

No visibility due to haze and drizzle. YM (No observers)

Melbourne Victoria Australia

My dad, mum and younger brother believed they saw the moon briefly and faintly through a gap in the clouds. However, because the clouds were so heavy we didn’t get another chance to confirm its sighting very clearly. RJ (3 observers)

Haifa Israel

She (KM) and her mother drove to the western shore at Haifa, Israel and reported it to me in Alpharetta GA via Whatsapp at 6:57 pm on September 27, 2022. She has a picture, but not a very good camera on her phone. The picture was taken at 7:15 so it is just above the water as it was setting at 7:30. TG (2 observers)


Multiple sightings on 27 September at sunset.

🌙 New Moon Report – 27 September 2022

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