4th New Moon Sighted 2018

15 June 2018

Shalom Aleichem,

Due to rain and clouds, the new moon was not visible here in Eastern Australia on 15 June. In Israel and the United States, the new moon was visible.

YHWH bless,

J. Adam Meyer

Limon, Colorado, United States

One handbreadth above the horizon, standing on end (like a backward ‘C’). (2 observers)

Coarsegold, California, United States

Clearly visible (2 observers)

Jerusalem, Israel

The renewed moon has been seen by two witnesses!

Therefore, the start of the 4th biblical month (Tammuz) will begin at sunset today, Friday, June 15, 2018.

Special thanks to Devorah Gordon and her team for their efforts to spot the new moon in Israel.

Rosh Chodesh Sameach! (Happy New Month)