2nd New Moon Sighted 2018

17 April 2018

Shalom Aleichem,

The second new moon was visible in the Israel, United States, and Australia. Additional new moon reports are expected in Israel later today.

The second new moon was easily visible this evening in eastern Australia. The bright sunset and light new moon didn’t provide much contrast in the image below. Two observers here in eastern Australia on 17 April.

Share your new moon sighting.

Location Date Visible
West-Central, New Mexico, United States 16 April
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 17 April
Eastern Australia 17 April
Kfar Ykhezkiel, Yisrael 17 April
Lawton, Oklahoma, United States  17 April

YHWH bless,

J. Meyer

16 April

West-Central New Mexico, United States

The new moon was sighted around 25 minutes after local sunset tonight 16 April 2018 in West-central New Mexico by 2 observers. It was up around 7 degrees and quite thin. DM (2 observers)

Lawton, Oklahoma, United States

No sighting from Lawton, OK on 4/16/2018. There were low clouds in the western sky, so if the moon would have been visible as darkness approached we were unable to spot it. WI

17 April

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Clear sky. MJ&RJ (2 observers)

Kfar Ykhezkiel, Yisrael

Clearly seen. TH (1 observer)

Lawton, Oklahoma, United States

Moon sighting was reported from Winona, TX at 7:56pm and in Lawton, OK at 8:20pm on 4/17/2018. It is a small crescent, but seemed very bright. Shofars sounded! WI (6 observers)