10th New Moon Reports 2022

24 December 2022

Shabbat Shalom,

The tenth new moon was visible in Australia and the United States. Very nice pictures from Melbourne Australia with a clear sky are attached below.

More sightings will be added as available, share your sighting.

Date Location Observer(s)
24 December Melbourne Victoria Australia 6
24 December Israel None (due to weather)
24 December Orlando Florida United States None (cloudy)
24 December West-central New Mexico United States 2

May יהוה be with you,

Ya’aqov Meyer

Melbourne Victoria Australia

Hazy conditions and a very thin crescent! RJ (6 observers)


No sightings. 🌙 New Moon Report – 24 December 2022

Devorah’s Date Tree

Orlando Florida United States

My wife and I looked for the new moon but clouds closed in on the area where the new moon should have been visible. YM (0 observers)

West-central New Mexico United States

A very high, bright new moon crescent was seen just 5 minutes after the local sunset. DM (2 observers)