September 6, 2013

Shabbat Shalom,

Blow the shofar!  The 7th new moon was sighted in Australia, South Africa, Dominica, and Oklahoma, US.  Happy Yom Teruah!  Israel should see the new moon tomorrow.

Teruah on Shofar

No sighting here in northern Virginia.  The sky was beautifully clear but the sunset and moon set locally were only 25 minutes apart.  We will continue to wait for sightings, as the latest sightings usually are as late as 12PM Eastern time.

Share your new moon sighting.

Yahweh bless,

J. Meyer

Sand Springs, Oklahoma

It’s VERY hazy, did not see a full crescent due to haze. Was only able to see it from 7:59 to 8:03pm. J. Dupus (2 observers)

West-central, New Mexico

The very faint and low new moon of the 7th month was seen by 4 people (without optical aids) in central New Mexico on the evening of Friday, 6 September, 2013, around 6 minutes after local, astronomical sunset. Two additional adult observers were able to see the ultra-thin crescent with the help of binoculars. Whew! A very tough one! Pictures are available, but don’t upload very well. DM

Western Australia

New moon sighted from Fremantle, Western Australia at 6.40PM by Lim family. Chag Sameach Yom Teruah!! CL (3 observers)

Roseau, Dominica

Shabbat shalom and Sabbath Feast of Trumpets new moon evening greetings to all!
It is with great happiness and joy that I wish each and everyone a happy and joyous celebration of not only the weekly Sabbath this week but as well, of Yahweh’s commanded annual Sabbath Feast of Trumpets occurring on this same Shabbat 07th September 2013 being, the biblical seventh new moon has been sighted from here in Dominica this weekly Sabbath evening after Friday sunset 06th September 2013 and at a height I was really not expecting for it to had become visible and so easily.
     I was expecting for quite of a challenge in being able to sight it but Yahweh proved otherwise that it was to have been easily seen from here in the Caribbean part of the North America region. HalleluYah!!!
     I was feeling so overwhelmed when I caught sight of it and at the height that it was at 18:32 in 18 minutes after sunset when it descended from behind scattered clouds. It was such a pleasure.
     It was 18:50 when I left off observing its speed of descent, real quick I must admit. My search for it started from 18:15, one minute after sunset.
     Also sighting it was Elder Thomas and his wife as well as Sis. Massicot and her husband. In all I can confirm that five of us on island have sighted it from reports that I have in hand at time of this posting.
     Here’s the link to the album of pictures taken during this Sabbath Feast of Trumpets new moon evening search:
Shabbat shalom and a happy and joyous Sabbath Feast of Trumpets new-moon-day-one of the biblical 7th month celebration to all,

Augustus Paul

Lawton, Oklahoma

Shabbat Shalom! We had a beautiful sunset, but the clouds and haze prevented a sighting from Lawton, Oklahoma. WI (no sighting)

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